Autodesk updates DWG to Google Earth utility

The most popular Autodesk Labs add-on is now compatible with  AutoCAD 2012.

Autodesk has updated its utility for posting DWG files to Google Earth, making it compatible with AutoCAD 2012. The utility, hosted at Autodesk Labs, is the most popular AutoCAD extension in Labs history.

A Google Earth view of a small section of San Francisco, inside AutoCAD. (Image courtesy Autodesk)

The official name is Autodesk Publish DWG to Google Earth Extension. It is used to publish and view DWG-based data and 3D models within the free and paid versions of Google Earth. It can also import a Google Earth terrain mesh (with image draped over it) into AutoCAD.

While most uses of this utility are to prepare architectural models for public viewing, some have used it to streamline regulatory approval or as an internal viewing tool, for changing the Google Earth view as a project design advances or changes, or for early spatial studies.

The utility features a wizard-driven interface, and adds four command names to AutoCAD:

IMPORTGEIMAGE: Brings current Google Earth view into AutoCAD as raster image. Use this command to georeference a DWG model data to the correct position on earth’s surface.

IMPORTGEMESH: Brings elevation data in current Google Earth view into AutoCAD as a mesh.

GETIME: Attaches time span information to AutoCAD entities which will be honored by the time tool available in Google Earth.

PUBLISHKML: Exports 3D DWG model space entities to an external file for use within Google Earth.

More information available from the utility ‘s help file.