Autodesk to release 123D Catch, 123D Make for iPad soon

The two products are part of the 123D line of consumer-class 3D design and printing apps.

Next month Autodesk will release Apple iPad versions of two more products in its 123D series of free consumer-class applications for 3D design and printing. 123D Catch and 123D Make will join 123D Sculpt, which is already on the iPad. Autodesk demonstrated the products at the recent SXSW conference on technology and arts in Austin, Texas, where it said the new iPad versions would soon be available.

Multiple images of Autodesk evangelist Shaan Hurley were captured by a standard digital camera, then uploaded to 123D Catch to create a 3D bust, which was then used to print the 3D models. (Source: Autodesk)

123D Catch started as an Autodesk Labs demonstration called Project Photofly, which turns a series of digital photos of an object into a 3D model. The results can be sent to a 3D printer. 123D Make converts 3D models, including ones created with 123D Catch, into patterns for building a physical model with flat slices assembled by hand.

The existing iPad app in this series, 123D Sculpt, is a simple freeform 3D modeler; objects created in 123D Sculpt can be opened in 123D Make.