Autodesk Motion FX transforms movement into special effects

New free app for Mac OS Lion users creates smoke, fire, and other effects in real time using the FaceTime camera.

A new free app for Autodesk lets Mac users create smoke and other special video effects on FaceTime. The effects react to real-time movement.

New Autodesk Motion FX for Mac App allows users to generate a variety of special video effects in real time using the FaceTime camera. (Source: Autodesk)

Autodesk Motion FX uses new facial tracking technology and full-screen mode on Mac OS X Lion, as well as fluid effects technology from Autodesk Maya, to create swirling motion-driven effects in real time.

A variety of preset effects are included in the app’s five modes:

Motion Detect: Effects chase movements picked up by the camera

Color Detect: Effects are applied to a user-selected color from the live video

Face Detect: Effects emit from any face visible to the camera

Effect Paint: Users can blaze a trail of vivid effects across a screen using their mouse or trackpad

Video Warp: Users can create effects by warping their video feed in real time

A cycle mode allows effects to automatically transition from one to the other, leaving the user’s hands free to play with motion. Users also can choose to overlay their real-time effects on top of their video feed or perform on a blank canvas.

Effects in Motion FX can track movement. (Source: Autodesk)

Autodesk Motion FX provides one-click capture for grabbing still images. Support for multiple displays enables users to control the effects on one screen while displaying the output on a secondary screen or video projector; one can imagine the performance art possibilities.

The Autodesk Motion FX app is available for free from the Mac App Store for Mac upgraded to OS X Lion. A demonstration video has been posted to the Autodesk YouTube Channel.

Motion FX can capture still images from the FaceTime video feed. (Source: Autodesk)