Ansys Workbench Adds Durability & Fatigue Testing Capabilities

nCode from HBN allows Ansys Workbench users to add fatigue analysis to engineering simulation.

Ansys Workbench now offers the option of using nCode DesignLife software from HBM-ncode for advanced fatigue and stress analysis. The add-on is designed to allow engineering simulation of product life and durability issues before a prototype is built.

Fatigue analysis of a combustion engine connecting rod using Ansys nCode DesignLife.

The combination of the ANSYS Workbench platform and nCode DesignLife creates a simulation environment in which fatigue analysis can be easily added to the engineering simulation process using the ANSYS standard drag-and-drop interface. Engineers can perform parametric studies and ask what-if questions about how a design will perform in the real-world environment.

Fatigue analysis is inherently statistical in nature, and assessing the variation of inputs provides greater insight into the predicted results.

More information:

Ansys Workbench schematic, which in this case drives the ANSYS nCode DesignLife fatigue analysis of a combustion engine connecting rod.