MySolidworks Manufacturing Network goes international

MySolidworksIn the year since its introduction, the MySolidWorks repository has grown and the company announces the expansion of MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network to include worldwide manufacturers. 

In 2014 Solidworks introduced MySolidWorks, a central repository of information, training, tools, and supply lines for SolidWorks users. The service was made available at three levels and has been evolving over the year.

The three tiers of MySolidWorks are:

  1. My SolidWorks, free version, which enables members to get answers to questions from the SolidWorks community and ten hours of free training. It’s a useful introductory portal for people and companies investigating SolidWorks.
  2. MySolidWorks Standard comes with any SolidWorks subscription. Users can ask questions and get answers from the SolidWorks community resources, knowledge base, and advanced forum sections. They are offered more than 30 hours of online training, MySolidWorks Drive, access to MySoldWorks Manufacturing Network, and access to My Var.
    The MySolidWorks Drive provides access to online storage services such as DropBox and Google Drive from within SolidWorks. The MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network provides directories of resources for manufacturing services. As you might expect, my Var enables easy access to your VAR for also VARs have an avenue to reach customers with information about deals, seminars, events, etc.
  3. The MySolidWorks Professional carries an additional price. In addition to  search, it offers  more than 100 hours of training, and access to SolidWorks certification courses, in addition to the MySolidWorks Drive, MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network, and My Var.

SolidWorks expands MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network

One of the more interesting benefits of the MySolidWorks service is the MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network. Manufacturers can list their services with the MySolidWorks network and reach SolidWorks users. In return, says SolidWorks, the MySolidWorks members are being introduced to “reliable manufacturers” providing services in 3D Printing, Sheet Metal, CNC Machining, and Injection Molding.

The company has announced that the MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network has been expanded to include companies from over 200 countries. The Manufacturing Network lets users get quotes based on a SolidWorks model or assembly. Manufactures are invited to apply for a free directory listing at

What do we think?

Signing up for stuff can make people feel like they’re joining an exclusive club, or they’re suckers. SolidWorks has been trying to have a little bit of both ways, offering premium services and training but also providing access to their very valuable customer base. We expect the Manufacturing Network will gain value as community members can provide feedback on the quality of service provided.