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Versus is quite possibly the best video introduction for a software update this year

In 1:28 the main new features of Cinema 4D Release 18 are presented without a word.

I was gobsmacked by the new short video (below) that introduces Maxon Cinema 4D Release 18. The trained eye will recognize the new technology, while the rest of us will just appreciate how clever and visually appealing “Versus” is, introducing new technology without saying a word.

ManvsMachine created the video for Cinema 4D. Check it out; I think Versus is quite possibly the best video introduction for a software update this year. 

CAPTION: Maxon Cinema 4D Release 18 offers new interactive knife tools for creating splits. (Source: Maxon)

So, what new features are being intro’d? It looks to me like these four new tools in Cinema 4D are being put to good use:

Voronoi Fracturing allows artists to break apart objects in a variety of ways.

Interactive Knife Tools enables users to draw lines across a model with interactive preview, then lock in new edges or split based on the cut.

Object Motion Tracking gives artists accessibility to dynamic VFX and visualization workflows with expanded tools for integrating 3D elements into real-world footage.

Shaders and Surface Effects provides advanced rendering capabilities for creating iridescent surfaces such as bubbles and oil slicks, capturing shadows for efficient compositing, parallax mapping for enhanced bump effects, and masks for worn edges.

You can learn more about Cinema 4D R18 at Cineversity: Cinema 3D R18 ships in early September.

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