More to Nvidia Nsight

Updates to Nsight Systems and Nsight Graphics debut, while showgoers get a hands-on lesson using the tools at Siggraph Labs.

Using Nsight Systems and Nsight Graphics to improve application performance. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia may not have had a direct presence on the Siggraph show floor this year, but its presence was felt throughout the 2022 conference. At Siggraph’s Labs program for hands-on learning, Nvidia hosted a class that addressed how to utilize Nvidia Nsight Graphics and Nsight Systems to profile and optimize 3D applications using ray tracing.

Attendees were shown how to identify GPU bottlenecks that affect performance and how to optimize workloads for peak performance, among other things, so they can create workflows that improve their applications.

In addition, Nvidia announced new releases of its Nsight Systems and Nsight Graphics, which are available for download, during the conference.

Nvidia Nsight Systems is a performance analysis tool for visualizing an application’s algorithms. Nsight Systems 2022.3 adds Vulkan API support and other improvements, including support for Vulkan Video for processing hardware-accelerated video files. With the new VK_KHR_graphics_pipeline_library extension, Vulkan applications can now precompile shaders and link them at runtime at a substantially reduced cost—critical for shader-heavy apps such as games. Visual improvements have also been made to multi-report viewing for better clarity.

Nsight Graphics 2022.4, meanwhile, has received upgrades to its debugging and profiling tools. Also, the API Inspector has been redesigned and includes an improved display, search functions within API Inspector pages, enhanced constant buffer views, and data export. OpenGL is now supported for tracing and analysis using GPU Trace on Windows and Linux.