Nvidia and Hexagon connect platforms

Industrial digitalization takes another step forward with Nvidia/Hexagon collaboration. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia and Hexagon are joining forces by connecting their respective platforms to enable industrial enterprises to further their digitalization efforts. Hexagon will connect its HxDR reality platform and Nexus manufacturing platform to Nvidia’s Omniverse, offering a suite of solutions for accelerating industrial digitalization by offering a unified perspective for factory planning and design. The partnership will also more tightly link virtual and real-world models.

The industrial metaverse continues to grow, and the latest company to join the ranks of those utilizing Nvidia Omniverse as a pathway in the march toward this digital panacea is Hexagon. Hexagon is connecting its platforms with Nvidia’s Omniverse, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of industrial automation by making it easier to develop and deploy digital twin applications and utilize real-time data.

The news became public at the HxGN Live Global event on June 12, as Hexagon and Nvidia illustrated how their integrated solution can accelerate companies’ journeys toward digitalization.

Hexagon is clear about its vision for the future in which digitalization is the next evolution of automation. “Hexagon’s bold vision is to empower an autonomous future that frees industry and humanity to thrive and scale sustainably,” the company’s website states. Hexagon is a digital reality solutions company that combines a range of reality analysis technologies to enable customers to take advantage of the growing data within industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public-sector, and mobility applications.

However, in order to take the next step into digitalization, companies need an accurate, virtual model of their factory systems. This agreement between giants Nvidia and Hexagon in their respective segments results in tools and solutions that are necessary to build a physically accurate and 100% synchronized digital twin.

The Hexagon/Nvidia collaboration unites technologies from both companies and results in a digital twin that provides a total unified view that optimizes factory planning and design workflows by combining reality capture, manufacturing twins, AI, simulation, and visualization (all of which are Hexagon’s forte). Hexagon’s HxDR reality platform and Nexus manufacturing platform are connecting to Nvidia Omniverse via USD for an advanced digital factories solution powered by Nvidia AI technologies. This will enable users to quickly aggregate and simulate exceedingly complex data from Hexagon’s platforms. The collaboration will also help accelerate the use of digital twins across Hexagon’s major ecosystems including agriculture, buildings, infrastructure, and more.

This joint effort bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds—a prerequisite for building digital twins, said Rev Lebaredian, VP of Omniverse and simulation tech at Nvidia, and making it possible to train robots in virtual worlds and “bring autonomy to everything that moves.”

In addition, Hexagon is developing an AI-enabled Web application based on Omniverse so that a real-time comparison of an enterprise’s digital and real-world models can be made for the purposes of accelerating decision-making and optimizing planning and operations.

Of course, there are benefits to Omniverse as well that bring Hexagon’s digital reality expertise capabilities, including geospatial reality capture technology and more, into the ecosystem, thus making it easier for enterprises to create exceptionally accurate virtual worlds. So now, Omniverse users can have a physically accurate representation of physical assets in a Web-based application to facilitate collaboration across teams.

Hexagon develops new digital reality solutions for industrial workflows with Nvidia Omniverse. (Source: Nvidia)