Graphics Chips Shipments Up 44% From 2009

2010 is starting the way 2009 ended, with graphics chip volume above expectations, says Jon Peddie Research.
Shipment of graphics chip rose 44% in the first quarter of 2010, as compared to the same period a year ago. Shipment volumes and market share information was released this week by Jon Peddie Research (JPR).

For the year, JPR says 2009 came in above expectations with an 11% year-to-year growth, an amazing comeback. Q1 of 2010 showed traditional seasonal slowdown with everyone except NVIDIA and SiS showing decline.

Intel was the leader in unit shipments for Q1’10, elevated by Clarksdale, continued Atom sales for Netbooks, and strong growth in the desktop segment. On a quarter-to-quarter basis NVIDIA gained in the notebook integrated and discrete segments, as well as the desktop integrated segment. AMD gained a fraction in the desktop discrete segment and over 4% in notebook integrated.

AMD reported their graphics segment revenue for the quarter was $409 million, down from Q4’s $427 million and up significantly from a year ago ($218 million).

Intel reported “revenue from chipset and other” of $1.761 billion in Q1. NVIDIA’s quarter, which straddles the calendar quarters, reported revenues of $982 million for their Fiscal Q4’10 which is October 1 — January 31. Their next quarter ended April 30, and will be in next quarter’s coverage.

A New Emerging Category
Q4’09 saw the first shipments of a new category, the Integrated Processor Graphics – IPG. With the advent of new CPUs with integrated or embedded graphics, JPR expects the rapid decline in deliveries for traditional chip-set graphics or IGPs (integrated graphics processors.) However for ease of reporting for now JPR is including these devices in with Integrated numbers.