ASGVIS V-Ray Users Turn Bits Into Ice

ASGVIS content winner icecube1ASGVIS, the maker of the V-Ray rendering add-in for Rhino and SketchUp, recently sponsored a contest with a simple theme—ice. The winner (left), is Kitchen Scene, from Dario Cavaliere, using Rhino, T-Splines and V-Ray.

Runner-up Pablo Ramirez created Curling Rink, (first below), using Rhino and V-Ray. Winter Flowers in Snow (second below), was created by Tomasz Radxzuk using Rhino and V-Ray. Ice Globe at Bus Stop (third below), a non-winning entry from Billy O’Shea, using Rhino, V-Ray, and Photoshop. §

ASGVIS contest curling rinkASGVIS contest winterflowersasgvis contest icebal