Why application-based benchmarks matter

Hierarchy of benchmarking methodologies explained.  By Bob Cramblitt An article last year in Jon Peddie’s Tech Watch provided an overview of SPEC/GWPG benchmarks, citing the struggle in the early days of computer graphics between application-based and synthetic benchmarks to measure performance. For the vast majority who are not in the day-to-day performance evaluation trenches, it’s … Read more

Using SPECwpc website results for workstation performance evaluation

Detailed configuration information helps recreate the same performance as that documented on the SPEC website. By Bob Cramblitt A lot has been written about the movement of applications to the cloud, but if you are involved in tasks that demand outstanding GPU, CPU and/or storage performance, you likely rely on a professional-level workstation. The SPEC/GWPG group … Read more

Mobile workstation comparison

Five different machines. At SIGGRAPH, PNY introduced their first mobile workstation products, the Prevailpro P4000 and P3000, while Dell announced a new Anniversary Edition thin and light 5520 mobile workstation. We tested a Prevailpro P4000 and 5520 against three other workstations and offer the results here. When evaluating a mobile workstation, from our point of … Read more

Is that benchmark leather or pleather?

Users can run synthetic benchmarks without having actual application installed and still get rigorous results. By Bob Cramblitt In ancient times when I was in college, there was a faddish rash of imitation leather jackets. Some looked authentic and others looked like a baggie with a zipper and pockets. It led to the inevitable question … Read more

Reviewers talk about SPEC/GWPG benchmarks

A generation of computer and workstation reviewers in the CAD industry have relied on this industry standard benchmarking software. By Bob Cramblitt If there is a review of a professional workstation or graphics card within an online or print publication, the reviewer is likely to quote results from a SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group … Read more

Fujitsu workstation update puts Skylake CPU into a small form factor workstation

Full-size graphics and storage in a tiny box. By Tom Lansford The amount of performance that can be packed into a 10-liter small form-factor workstation just jumped – a lot. Fujitsu has been designing and manufacturing professional workstations in Germany for 25 years. They just released the company’s first small form-factor workstation. This 10 liter … Read more

Virtualization leader joins SPEC workstation graphics group

VMware brings more cachet to existing virtualization standards support. Virtualization specialist VMware has joined the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (SPEC/GWPG) as a new member. The company is also a member of the SPEC Open Systems Group and the SPEC Research Group. The SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group is a leader in standardized … Read more

SPEC Group issues updated workstation benchmark

Now virtual workstations can be tested the same as physical workstations. The SPEC Graphics Performance Characterization Group (SPECgpc) has released a new version of its SPECview­perf benchmark that extends performance measurement from physical to virtualized worksta­tion configurations. The new benchmark mea­sures the 3D graphics perfor­mance of systems running under the OpenGL and Direct X ap­plication … Read more