Unbundled Flame shines at NAB

Autodesk’s high-end finishing suite still requires a significant hardware investment, but now you can pick or choose your vendors. Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment division has been spending time cleaning house, aligning products, and building around new market strategies. The company unveiled the fruits of their labors at the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2016 … Read more

Autodesk 2015 Entertainment Creation Suites last for Softimage

The addition of Bifrost to Maya is a bridge to the future for users who will miss Softimage’s extensibility. Autodesk today announces its 2015 update to its Entertainment Creation Suites, with an emphasis on improving everyday tasks. The release is a milestone for two reasons: Maya LT joins the M&E product line — but not … Read more

Autodesk throws a party and skips the booth at Siggraph

The user group party celebrated CG heroes and new technology. Naiad fluid simulation was shown running in Maya.  Autodesk disappointed the folks a bit this year at Siggraph. Instead of renting their typical large booth this year, Autodesk spent their money more directly on their customers—always a good idea. The company threw a big-bash user … Read more