Ikinema building a growing business turning 3D motion capture into 2D animation

2D games are popular on mobile, so Ikinema is providing start-up game makers the tools to ease their way into a growing market.  Ikinema is building a business democratizing mo-cap from several angles—traditional mo-cap and also tools for game development and low-cost web-based mo-cap. The company’s technology incorporates the effects of physics and gravity in … Read more

Create character animation in real time during game play

New Ikinema Run-Time Indie works inside Unreal Engine 4 Ikinema, is now shipping a small studio version of its full-body IK (Inverse Kinematics) RunTime middleware. The new RunTime-Indie is targeted at small, independent studios. Ikinema says RunTime-Indie is technically identical to RunTime, the full-body solver used by Microsoft, Square Enix and other top publishers to … Read more

WebAnimate update improves retargeting

Browser-based animation rigging tool comes in free and pro versions. IKinema has updated WebAnimate, its browser-based animation and retargeting toolset for indie developers. As with previous versions, there is a free version and a professional upgrade. Both versions can import mocap data as well as files from leading 3D development tools. Notable among new features … Read more

New browser-based animation service enters free public beta

WebAnimate offers free production-level tools for mocap rework and animation retargeting. Referring to their new browser-based product as “animation on the go,” UK-based IKinema has released a free public beta of WebAnimate, an all-in-one platform to retarget and customize animation through the browser. WebAnimate is based off the same IKinema technology currently used by major … Read more