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Corsair raises the speed limit with 4,500 MHz and 4,600 MHz DDR4 memory modules

Corsair fins it away.

Corsair’s new product line of available DDR4 4,500 MHz and 4,600 MHz memory modules further reminds us that the days of DDR3 being the industry standard are coming to an end. As quoted by Corsair, DDR4 offers “faster clock speeds, and double the bandwidth” while using less power.


Co-developed by the motherboard manufacturer Asrock, the Vengeance LPX kits offer impressive performance numbers that appeal to a broad range of consumers. Whether performance or power usage is a concern to you, Corsair has you covered, not to mention that a lifetime limited warranty is included. These kits are constructed of eight-layer PCB and include low-profile aluminum heatsinks. If you’re into overclocking, this efficient heat spreader will keep temperatures low while maximizing performance.


The Vengeance 4,500 MHz draws power at 1.45 V while the 4,600 MHz draws power at 1.5 V. Corsair maintains other offerings of Vengeance LPX kits at 3,800 MHz, 4,000 MHz, 4,133 MHz, and 4,200 MHz. Price for the newly available 4,500 MHz kit is $480 while price for the 4,600 MHz kit is $550.

Remember to pick your favorite color for your new memory when placing an order with Corsair.

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